Boarding Services

Boarding services are currently available for birds and small caged animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats/mice, and reptiles. We plan to expand to boarding cats in the future as well!

Our boarding rooms are designed with the unique needs of birds and small animals in mind. You won't find a set up like this in a traditional kennel, where these animals are often an after thought placed into a spare corner. We are focused on the needs of birds and small animals. We do not offer boarding for dogs.

We have separate rooms for our boarding pets: one for the birds, who are most active during the daytime, and one for the small animals and reptiles, who are often active during the night. 

For our boarding birds, we have a window into the store so they can be entertained by our customers and staff throughout the day. Additionally, there is a television playing family friendly movies and cartoons during the daytime so the birds have something to watch. For nighttime, we have white noise machines to prevent sounds from outside disturbing the birds, as well as a nightlight to help prevent night frights. A sunrise lamp will ease the birdies into their day with a simulation of a natural sunrise.

Please note for liability reasons, Rock Star Pets does not allow out-of-cage time for boarding birds. 

For boarding small animals, we also have a white noise machine and nightlight to make their stay less stressful.

Due to the remote location of our island, we understand that it is difficult to get veterinary care, particularly for small animals and birds who require specialty veterinarians. Therefore we do not currently require any health records or testing prior to boarding with us. We do request that pet parents have their pets examined before bringing them for boarding to check for signs of illness to prevent the spread of disease through our boarders. We reserve the right to turn away a boarding animal if we believe it could have an illness that could spread to the other pets in our care. If we discover signs of illness in a boarding pet, we will move them into isolation to protect the other pets in our care. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. 

For birds, parents may choose to bring their own cage or use one of ours (if available). If providing your own bird cage, it must be clean, and there must be exterior access doors for the food and water bowls, as well as exterior access to change the lining of the bottom tray. Rock Star Pets staff will not open the cages main doors for feeding or cleaning due to risk of escape or injury. For sanitary purposes, bird parents utilizing our cages must provide all perches and toys. Please plan enough time at drop off to get the cages set up. We will provide bowls for food and water. Small animals and reptiles must provide their own cages at this time.

Rock Star Pets will not provide care for unweaned babies. All pets boarding at Rock Star Pets must be fully fledged and weaned, eating on their own without assistance. If eggs or babies are produced during your pets boarding, Rock Star Pets will do what we can, but will not be held liable for them.


Boarding Prices



Owner Provide Cage

RSP Provide Cage

Petite (canaries, finches, parakeet/budgie)



Small (cockatiel, conure, lovebird)



Medium (amazon, small cockatoos, African grey, eclectus)



Large (macaw, cockatoo)




Small Animal

Small Enclosure (tabletop)


Large Enclosure (freestanding)




Tabletop/standard size enclosure


Oversize enclosure