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Ahi Sticks


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Lava Paws Ahi Sticks

Lava Paws is a Big Island local company based in Hilo, Hawaii, that crafts homemade, raw dog food, dehydrated and grain free dog treats, and much more. All products are handcrafted and made in small batches and provides your dog with healthy and nutritious food and treats, as well as all natural spa products. 

Additionally, we source our goods as much as possible from our local, Hawaii farmers and believe in building strong relationships among our community.

Lava Paws. Creating Unconditional Love. Connecting People, Paws, and Products. 

Wild Caught Hawaiian Ahi Dog Treats


Wild Caught Hawaiian Ahi is a prized tuna here in Hawaii and is famous for creating delicious poke. Just like us, dog’s love the simple, fishy, tasty treat. A crunchy treat that has a fish essence. Ahi treats come in small pieces that can be used as treats or bowl enhancers. High in omega-3’s and perfect for supporting a healthy coat.

Ethically fished, handcrafted, connecting people, paws and products.


    Size: 1oz

    Ingredients: Wild Caught Hawaiian Ahi

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