Bookjig - Connoisseur - Parisian Dogs

Bookjig - Connoisseur - Parisian Dogs


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Part Number:1330 Manufacturer: White Ladybug Inc

Connoisseur - Parisian Dogs - Bookjig

The perfect bookmark for those moments when you just need to stretch out and read a book.

  • Bookjigs bookmarks are the perfect gift for any reader. The elastic steel bookmark will slide onto the cover of any book and the ribbon becomes your place holder. With a Bookjig you're able to keep the bookmark attached to the book until you're finished reading it. With such a large variety of designs you are sure to find the perfect Bookjig.
  • Never lose your place! Never lose your bookmark!
  • Pkg Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × .25 (L×W×H) .042 lbs.

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