Raw Dog Food Complete Diet 5lb

Raw Dog Food Complete Diet 5lb


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Lava Paws Raw Dog Food Beef Pork & Chicken 5lb

Lava Paws is a Big Island local company based in Hilo, Hawaii, that crafts homemade, raw dog food, dehydrated and grain free dog treats, and much more. All products are handcrafted and made in small batches and provides your dog with healthy and nutritious food and treats, as well as all natural spa products. 

Additionally, we source our goods as much as possible from our local, Hawaii farmers and believe in building strong relationships among our community.

Lava Paws. Creating Unconditional Love. Connecting People, Paws, and Products. 


Balanced and Complete Dog Food is a ground made with three types of protein, organs, bone, fruits and veggies, and supplements. Nutritionally formulated and analyzed, our homemade dog food is made in small batches with human grade meats and products. We practice FDA’s food handling and safety guidelines and quality check all batches. Our goal is to provide as many dogs with healthy and gourmet food, promoting longevity and love.  


    Ingredients: 70% Muscle Meat in forms of Beef, Tripe, Heart, Lung, Chicken, and Pork, 10% Chicken Bone, 5% Grass Fed Beef Liver, 5% Grass Fed Beef Kidney and Spleen, 7.5% Organic Kale, Beets, Spinach, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Kelp and Vitamin E.

    Feeding Guidelines

    • 3-12 lbs: 1 tbsp - ½ cup or 1 oz - 5 oz

    • 12- 26 lbs: ½ cup - 1 ¼ cup or 5 oz -12 oz

    • 26-50 lbs: 1 ¼ - 1 ¾  cups or 12 oz - 16 oz

    • 51-75 lbs: 1 ¾ - 3 cups or 16 oz - 27 oz

    • 76-100 lbs: 3 cups - 4 ¾ cups  or 27 oz - 40 oz 

    • Over 100 lbs: 4 ¾ cups and more  or 40 oz and more

    • Feeding guidelines are based on once a day feeding at 2.5% body weight. As always, feed the dog in front of you. So if they are losing weight, increase food or if they are overweight, feed less.

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