Venison Sticks

Venison Sticks


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Part Number:pawnvenstick Manufacturer: Pawniolo Pets

Pawniolo Venison Sticks

Pawniolo Pets makes high quality pet products out of our family ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Gently dehydrated 100% Wild Hawai'i Venison Stick treats.

Our venison is sourced sustainably and is naturally grass fed and finished. 

  • Ground Muscle Meat Dehydrated
  • Easily Breakable for smaller sized dogs & cats
  • Lean Protein
  • Any sized Dogs & Cats love it!

Net Weight 60 Grams

All of our treats are preservative free. Treats are shelf stable for one month. To keep fresh longer store in refrigerator or freezer after opening. Keep Food Safe desiccant packet out of reach of pets and children. 

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